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My Married Life: Do You or Don't You Date Night?

By now, we've all heard that as couples, we should be having date night. Fine. Got it. But truth be told, Jack and I have a spotty track record when it comes to actually keeping up with them. Sometimes finances are the culprit -- we just don't feel like we can afford to go out. But usually, our excuse is scheduling. Bottom line -- we work wonky hours.

So when I found Project 52 Date Nights on the blog Simply Modern Mom, I thought, Here we go again. But guess what? Tiffany Bird (Modern Mom) has some really great tips on how to actually make date night happen once every week for a year -- hence the 52 -- on little or no money. First of all, she's got interesting ideas about what constitutes a date. Example: Playing Super Mario Brothers on Wii, or reading a book, then discussing it. Second, it's clear that committing to a whole year really keeps her on track when her first (and sometimes second and third) date ideas fall through.

While I don't think all of her ideas would work for Jack and me, I am into the idea of doing something simple, like playing a board game (I pick Scrabble), to help us focus on each other in a non business-vibey way. Jack and I are great partners. During the week, we tend to communicate like the CEO and GM of a company. Hey, running a life is like that sometimes. But after reading Bird's blog, I'm thinking that a night of silliness is in order.

Have a good idea for a low-cost, unconventional date night? Spill it.

-- Holly

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