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My Married Life: Giving It All Away

"Who cares about money? We've got each other," says hubby.

Violet and Allen Large, a Canadian couple who have been married since 1974, won a little over $11 million in a lottery in July. But only a few months later, every single cent of it is gone. Where did it go? The couple donated all of the money to family members and institutions in their area (think: hospitals and fire departments). If that weren't enough to break your bitter, jaded heart wide open, just wait till you hear what the two had to say about the experience. "What you've never had, you never miss," said Violet, who was undergoing chemotherapy treatments for cancer when she got the big lotto news. "That money that we won was nothing," said Allen. "We have each other."

"Sniffle," said me. Please do not rip me a new one for posting something so sappy and sentimental. I mean, how many celebrity divorce scandals can a girl write about? Seriously? Tell me that every now and then, you all love a heartwarming story just as much as I do. Come on...tell me.

-- Holly