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Embarrassing Dog Confessions

The ridiculous things I do for the love of an animal.

Holly and I are really devoted to our fat little pug, Bernard. We give him an insane amount of attention and are always snuggling or playing with him when we’re home. And like this poster on The Nest boards, we tend to talk to him like he’s our baby. Our fat little pug baby. I know, I know. (I’m shaking my head in shameful acknowledgment.)

When Holly and I are both in the city working, we tend to drop him off at doggy day care. And here's where my little story gets embarrassing. The other night, while waiting in the lobby area of doggy day care to pick him up, I spotted a new person working the front desk. Before I could stop myself, I blurted out, "Hi, I'm Bernard's dad." I then proceeded to laugh like an idiot because I couldn't believe I'd just said something that stupid out loud.

Make me feel better—anyone else act this ridiculous with their pets?

-- Jack

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