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My Married Life: Fashion Deal-Breakers

I was reading the always-bitchy, sometimes-hilarious Jezebel when I came across the topic of fashion deal-breakers. The idea? That a guy could wear something so horrendous that it immediately extinguishes any and all flames that may have, smoldering.

Now, let's be real. At this stage in the game, it's too late for something like that to wreck my relationship. I mean, seriously -- if Jack were to come home in a clown suit, I'd just assume it was an (unfortunate) attempt to initiate role-play. Besides, I'm lucky -- Jack has great taste in fashion. For the most part, I love everything in his wardrobe. But I've noticed (through numerous informal girlfriend polls) that there is always at least one item in the husband's closet that the wife loathes. And, as usual, I am no exception.

Jack has a hopelessly outdated leather jacket that I hate. Luckily, he never wears it, but I know he loves it -- so I remain mum. My friend's husband has one of those horrible spring break-type shirts made out of a Mexican blanket -- which he actually wears occasionally. (Shudder!) So, yeah -- it's different for us married gals. While we don't head for the door at the first sign of a husbandly fashion disaster, we do commiserate.

So tell me -- what does your husband have/wear that you can't stand? Husbands, feel free to chime in. What does your wife wear that you hate (this could be way educational)?

-- Holly

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