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Sigh...Anyone Else Feeling a Bit Flat Today?

Quick, share your funny, blues-busting links here!

Hello, world wide webby friends. I am feeling kinda blue and uninspired today. Maybe it's a post V-Day hangover. Maybe it's just a case of the Wednesdays. Or maybe, it's just a day with a smidge more ebb than flow. But in any case, I'm feelin' it. So come on in and play my favorite cheer-up game: Share your funniest links from the web. What has you giggling as you browse the interwebs on this fine hump day?

Here are a few to get you started:

1. I totally endorse the concept of mocking dudes who wear jeggings.

2. Passive Aggressive Notes: To My Son and His Non-Wife.

3. Bad stock art is always good for at least a smile, right? Here are some chicks laughing alone with salad, and here's a big fat pile of bad stock images.

Now you.

-- Holly