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My Married Life: What to Expect in Your First Year of Marriage

Piggybacking on the topic of celebrating a relationship's first by getting hitched -- I’ve been thinking about the problems that popped up soon after those first 30 days. Problems that nearly brought the whole house down. Problems that we could not have foreseen in those first few lusty weeks -- when neither Jack nor I would dream of calling each other out on any of our BS. Problems that often cause quickie marriages, like the Kardashian/Odom union, to self-destruct.

One of my really bad habits that started bugging Jack at about day 31 was that I constantly brought up past boyfriends. It was bad. Once, when we were browsing movies at the video store, Jack picked up an indie movie and I blurted out that I'd dated both guys on the cover. I know! So obnoxious! But I was clueless.

Jack said that it had to end; that it was disrespectful and rude. At first I was furious. Why should I change just because he was a wuss? But then I got honest. What was I getting out of it anyway? It was just insecurity and immaturity rolled into a big, ugly brag ball. I wanted him to know that I was hot, damn it! That other dudes would die to be in his shoes. Which, admittedly, was lame as hell. In fact, I have total idiot shivers just writing about it. So I stopped. It wasn't easy, but I found it was actually possible to tell stories without referencing what guy I was with at the time.

Until Jack, I thought in take-it-or-leave-it terms. I found out that real love means daily compromise. It's been like that in a million little ways. Jack's made me grow up. Okay, not completely. There’s the scary closet thing...and I still have a little bit of an interrupting problem...but seriously, I'm better.

What problems popped up in your first year that you never saw coming? How'd you deal?

-- Holly

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