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My Married Life: Friending on Facebook

There's an app for that (well, sorta).

I've complained here before about being "friended" by my mother-in-law on Facebook. I had to say yes. She's sensitive, she's sweet, and my husband pretty much made me. Yes, my own mom has tried to friend me too. But since we are related, and therefore genetically share a crocodile-thick skin, I said no. Aaaaaand bring on the comments about how my cold black heart is going to rot in hell. Relax, my mom gets it. They're called boundaries, and I urge you to explore your own.

Listen, I am not a member of the my-mother-and-I-should-be-BFF club. I love her. She loves me. Moving on... Anyway, many, many of my friends do not feel that they can be so blunt with their sweet, sensitive mommies, and I get that too. For them, I recommend giving this a good, close read. And this Saturday Night Live video (courtesy of Gawker), which BTW had me laughing my arse off, offers another "solution." You're welcome!

P.S.: Am I the only one out there who denied my mom? Okay, so maybe it wasn't your mom specifically, but isn't there someone that you either rejected on Facebook or at least wish you could have?

-- Holly