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My Married Life: Gaining Weight After Marriage

First of all -- let me just say that when it comes to weight and body image, my heart does hurt for Khloe Kardashian. In any other household, hers would be the Amazonian body by which all others are judged. But in the ’Dash house, she's the chubby one forced to suffer critical comments from such wackos as stepfather Bruce Jenner (who, let’s face it, is neck and neck with Mickey Rourke in the category of Most Horrific Male Plastic Surgery Recipient).

But when I read that sister had gained a pound for every week she'd been married (okay, so it still only adds up to five pounds), I had a bit of a Seinfeld moment -- i.e. "WHAT IS THE DEAL with women gaining weight after they get married?"

As you may remember, I've already copped to having gained a few myself since getting hitched -- though I've yet to unlock the secret of why. I think that on some level, I was celebrating a little bit. "We did it! Woo hoo!" Nom nom nom (for the uninitiated, that's the sound of me eating something starchy). What I don't want to think? That I gained because on some subconscious level I thought it was okay to let myself go postwedding.

Why do you think this happens (if, in fact, it happened to you)? Did it happen right away? If it didn't happen to you, how do you think you avoided it? Oh, and if you can talk about this stuff without lecturing everyone else -- that'd be awesome. Pretty please?

-- Holly

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