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My Married Life: Does Your Spouse Suck at Gift Giving?

Here's how I handled it.

Think your spouse is bad at gift giving? I'll bet you a million bucks that this guy has you beat. Pretty bad, huh? Okay, back to business. First, let me just say that Jack was never a colossally terrible gift giver. In fact, he always gave me nice things. The prob? They were nice things that I was not at all psyched about getting. Now, before you start throwing “spoiled brat” stones at me, allow me to explain. Once he gave me a clock. There was nothing unique or stylish about it; it was just a clock. As a main gift. And no, there is no backstory here about having time-management issues. The guy just bought me a friggin’ clock. A few other times he bought me delicate handmade necklaces from street vendors. They were pretty and super-feminine. Thing is, I'm more of a leather jacket and giant, heavy boot wearing gal. I've never worn a dainty choker and probably never will. So I was left feeling like my poor husband had sort of wasted his money -- and time. I mean, for all the trouble he'd gone to, it sucked for both of us that I wasn't more excited. So I started giving him wish lists. They were basically lists of things that I'd love to have at every price point. I always put a few high-dollar items on the list along with lots of affordable goodies. And now I absolutely always love the gifts Jack gives me.

Even better, since I never know exactly what they'll be, there's still that element of surprise. When people hear this approach, they tend to feel one of two ways: 1. That's a fantastic idea. I'm gonna do it! 2. OMG you’ve killed the holidays. Where's the fun? Where's the surprise? Where's the delight and joy of shopping for the perfect gift? But for all you cynics out there, I am here to tell you this. In the past, Jack has given me a session with a master perfumer to design a custom fragrance just for me; enrollment to a super-fun comedy-writing class, where I ended up meeting people I still collaborate with today; and an iPod filled with really awesome workout playlists he'd put together (see, he finds a way to make the gifts his own!).

So you guys can have your magic and wonder, and I'll keep the great gifts. Sound good? Does your honey give good gifts, or are you left disappointed with his purchases? Share below!

-- Holly