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My Married Life: Would You Give Your Spouse Your Kidney?

Quick! Don't think, just answer.

As you can tell, I'm on a bit of a heartwarming streak this week. So just buckle up and get ready for some more cute stories of twoo lub. This human interest piece about a woman giving her husband a kidney got me thinking -- would I offer a kidney to Jack (assuming we were a match)? Yeah. I would. No question. I just called Jack, interrupted his lunch break, and asked him if he'd give one to me. His answer? A mildly exasperated, "Of course." Simple, right? I'm not so sure. ’Cause here's the thing -- not everyone would. But I don't think it's fair to assume that the people who wouldn't, don't really love each other. I actually have a friend who needed a kidney, and his father (who happened to be a match) said no. His reason? He is a religious leader and felt that too many people relied on him, so he couldn’t give away a kidney in good conscience. Do I think that's weird? Yeah. But wrong? Not necessarily. Just different from the way I think. Meanwhile, I categorically refuse to share candy with Jack -- no exceptions. So maybe I'm the weird one? Don't answer that. But do tell me, would you give a kidney to your sig?

-- Holly