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My Thoughts on the Good Girl vs. Bad Girl Debate

Guess which one my wife was?

Marie Claire’s dating "expert" Rick Santos has a lot of fascinating ideas about women. In a recent post on the magazine’s website that—full disclosure—Holly emailed to me (why the hell would I be reading Marie Claire? Come on, now -- I’ve read about what women’s magazines can do to your sex life…), Santos decided to wade into the ankle-deep topic that is the Madonna-whore complex.

Apparently, Santos and his brohams got together recently (I'm guessing at a sports bar) and decided unanimously that they all prefer innocent girls to bad girls. Now, I probably don't need to tell you that Santos and I have little in common: He is a type of dude that I just can't relate to and have never been friends with. Almost nothing he thinks jibes with the way I think. In fact, I usually think the exact opposite. Example: Santos probably thinks he's not a tool. (See what I did there?) But seriously, Santos says that bad girls intimidate him, and he doesn't like girls who intimidate him. Meanwhile, I wouldn’t want to go on a first date with a woman who didn't in some sense intimidate me. I'm bored just imagining that nice, unintimidating date. Sack up, Santos -- live a little!

He also says that guys like to be in control and that bad girls are tough to control. Santos, dude, why is this even on your goal list? Make no mistake -- I'm not saying that women with glaring daddy issues or a taste for physical violence are great wife material. I'm just saying that there's nothing wrong with a strong, bold...even aggressive woman. When I first met Holly, she scared the hell out of me. She was intimidatingly confident, partial to wearing very small items of clothing and didn't have a demure bone in her body. Right away, I thought, Sign me up. But was she really bad? Not at all. A really bad girl is a girl who can't be trusted, a girl who sleeps with your friends, breaks all your stuff during a routine argument and has well-honed stalking skills. I'm just saying that I'm completely down with a woman who sometimes dresses provocatively, is sexually confident, retains an aura of mystery and keeps me on my toes intellectually.

What do you guys think? Were any of your wives “bad” girls?

-- Jack

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