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My Married Life: Having the Baby Talk

I was reading message boards when I came across this post by Imoan, describing how unexpectedly hard it was for her to have the "baby talk" with her husband. Her point was that even though she has the kind of relationship that Jack and I do -- where open, honest communication is the glue -- when she tried to discuss the baby issue, she found herself suddenly crying and unintelligible. Here's what she wrote:

"I seriously have never had a problem talking to my husband about anything...but bringing this up was like taking that jump out of a plane."

What made it so emotionally loaded was that her husband had just let her know (right before sex, no less) that he was ready. As in, READY. I think something about it finally being so real and not just hypothetical got to her when it was time to discuss it further.

I totally relate. I too have broken down and blubbered during those tricky talks (i.e. Are we ever going to get married?), and no one was more surprised by my tears than me. There's nothing like opening your mouth to verbalize something you've been thinking about for a while, only to find that there's a ton of hidden emotion behind it. In my experience, it's about just getting it all out -- even if I mangle what I wanted to say on my first try. I'm usually able to come back and make more sense the second or third time we discuss it.

I'm sure some readers will be quick to leave comments about how my (or Imoan's) marriage isn't "real" enough if there are topics that we have trouble broaching. I completely disagree. I think it’s the overwhelming reality of it all that gets us choked up and shaky.

What about you? Ever opened your mouth to talk about something serious and it came out "Waaaah"?

-- Holly

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