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My Married Life: He Said: Do You Groom Your Guy?

Holly forwarded me this post from Fab Sugar (why do I feel embarrassed to even type the word fab?) about women helping their guys “manscape.” While I personally do not go for the whole plucked and preened look, I do take advantage of the fact that Holly can see the back of my neck better than I can (which is to say, at all).

So...I have her clean up my hairline with the clippers every month or so. For some reason, having a hairy neck makes me feel like a total pig. But I know some couples go way further. I know one guy who has his wife Nair his back -- which I completely do not get. I mean, isn’t the hairless back ostensibly for her pleasure? How can she enjoy it when she’s busy picturing how it got that way? Ick.

Anyway -- do you and your guy groom each other? Do tell.

-- Jack

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