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My Married Life: He Said: Time Apart is Good for Marriage

Holly and I spent last week apart (she worked at our place upstate while I stayed in the city), and it reminded me how much we get out of taking little breaks from each other. For one thing, when I'm alone, downtime is really downtime. Sorry babe, but personally, I'm not always in the mood to talk about my day and "process my feelings" about it. Sometimes, I'm more in the mood to sit in my underwear and watch eight episodes of The Wire over the course of a week (thanks Netflix). But there are bigger reasons too.

I've said before that running a marriage is like running a small business together. One of our biggest traps is that we spend almost all of our energy running that business, and then when we are all done with taking inventory, paying bills, or whatever, we try to make a few minutes for the sexy stuff. The cool thing is, whenever Holly and I take a few days apart, the first thing we take care of when we get back together is the sexy stuff. Our sex life just finds a way to jump its way to the front of our shared priority list. Opening the mail can wait. Know what I'm sayin'?

Has your marriage ever benefited from a little space?

-- Jack

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