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What the Fancy Folks Are Doing for Valentine’s Day

Do you have any unfashionable plans?

This New York Times piece did a great job of illuminating the one thing that I really hate about V-Day: the pressure. The writer, who zeroed in on some of New York's most fashionable people, managed to corner a handful of single designers and ask them their plans for the big (eye roll) night. Needless to say, there were a few squirmy-sounding replies.

I know I sound like a drip when I bemoan the arbitrariness of the whole "must be a magically romantic night just because it's February 14" line of thinking. But guess what? That's how I feel.

Jack and I often manage to have a really sweet, romantic night out, but it's kind of an uphill battle in New York City. First of all, every restaurant is packed. Second of all, they’re all serving special prix fixe dinner menus (read: crappy crappola shaped like a heart). And third of all, fine...I'll stop. Because I get it. I'm being a Negative Nancy big time, aren't I?

I think that I need to go back to the drawing board and redefine what it is that I think constitutes a romantic night. Obviously, a packed-like-sardines NYC dinner out ain't it. Yay! This should be a fun brainstorm -- and I'm totally open for suggestions. Do you guys have any cool, romantic ideas for Jack and me this V-Day?

-- Holly

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