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My Married Life: Holly Answers Your Questions

I thought I’d respond to Lala 1’s question as well, since I was inundated with comments during that time. I have to admit, they got to me more than they did Jack. Even though I was sure he was the one for me -- when friends would tell me that he was wasting my youth (yep, they'd really say that), that he was going to suck up all my beauty and vitality and vanish into the night like some kind of Nosferatu (okay, now I'm embellishing), it would scare the crap out of me.

So even though my gut told me all was well, it's not always easy to quiet the voice of insecurity. In those moments I'd think, Am I an idiot? Am I just fooling myself? Luckily, I could talk to Jack about it. Yeah, he knew that I was ready before he was, but there's just no rushing that man. Plus, his family has a zero divorce rate, while mine has 100 percent. So I couldn't help thinking that his serious (and super-slow) approach might actually be the better way to go. I mean, what did I know?

On the more humorous side of the comment spectrum, after about five years, my father grew tired of introducing Jack as my boyfriend. I guess he thought it didn't properly convey the level of commitment we shared. So during one of our visits, he began introducing Jack as my "partner." Finally, I had to say, "Dad, we're not lesbians." It was hilarious.

Obviously we got through it. But I'll admit -- comments can really sting. What are the worst (or funniest) comments that you ever got?

-- Holly

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