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My Married Life: Outsourcing Home Improvement

Jack and I are up to our eyeballs in DIY y'all. He starts a new show in two weeks, so we are rushing to get as much done as we possibly can before (dun dun dun!) cold weather arrives and kicks our butts. For the most part, our DIY-ness is motivated by a limited amount of dough, but the truth is, we also enjoy doing it. I've always been a hands-on type and so has Jack. I'm the only girl in my group of besties who knows how to change a tire without help from AAA, and in this old, rickety house I've done everything from demo to drywall. So sometimes I'm amazed at the little things that people farm out.

This woman on boards is having someone come over to choose paint colors! To me, that's the fun stuff. But I'll admit, I often fantasize about hiring out for the super-lame things I hate doing (seaming and taping, anyone?). What about you guys? Which projects do you do yourself, and which do you call in the hired help to knock out? Anything you do yourself that you wish you could hire someone to do?

-- Holly

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