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This has got to be my favorite Unhappy Hipsters post to date. The entire site is hilarious, but there's something about this one that hit exactly the right nerve with me. I've never been down with mid-century modern decor (I prefer crazy-old to modern-old), but a lot of my friends are -- and some have showroom-like homes. Regardless of the specific style, I've noticed there’s a fine line between a perfectly decorated house and a perfectly decorated house that feels oppressive (read: If I set my drink down on this table sans coaster, the hostess will have a nervous breakdown).

This post made me think of the latter. Once while visiting my friend Sarah, who had just moved in to an uber-modern apartment (think: wall-to-wall carrera and stainless steel), I noticed several great paintings that I hadn't seen in her old place. "Oh wow," I said, "let's hang these!" "I would love to," Sarah said, "but unfortunately, my husband needs to feel like he lives in a Calvin Klein commercial." We both laughed, the paintings went into a storage closet, and the apartment walls remained bare. So even though Sarah's apartment is beautiful, it's really, really oppressively perfect and minimal. I try to remember that when Jack's mom does something like present me with (what I think are) totally tacky holiday decorations that I want to immediately donate to Good Will. There's great decor and then there's just being a control freak -- or so I tell myself as I try to figure out what to do with her Thanksgiving figurines. How about you? Are you kind of controlling about your home decor? Come on, be honest.

-- Holly