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My Married Life: Two Approaches to Home Renovation

This post on The Nest Boards got me thinking about how far Holly and I have come regarding our home renovation upstate. We've been chipping away at DIY for well over a year now, and we've learned a thing or two. When we started working on the place, we were both obsessed with doing everything perfectly. I can't even tell you how many hours we logged online researching historic plaster ingredients so that we could match and repair the damaged plaster in our hallway.

The great news? The perfectly accurate plaster job I did was flawless. The bad news? The old plaster job wasn't -- and that old section continues to crumble and crack. Now I know. I should have done the quick and dirty method ("laminating" the whole mess with a thin layer of drywall). But I had to learn the hard way. Holly tends to want everything done quick and dirty. But, oh yeah, perfect too. So we struggle. Okay, we squabble. She has yet to find a source for the gray floor stain of her dreams -- and she won't settle for anything less -- but she freaks out periodically over the undone-ness of the place.

At times, it's really brutal but at others, so rewarding. Any DIYers out there that can relate?

-- Jack

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