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Watch this 1956 Housewife Trip on Acid

She did it for science, people. Science!

Check out this amazing footage from a series of experiments performed by drug-researching psychiatrist Sidney Cohen. In the experiments, which took place in 1956, a young, unnamed housewife, whose husband worked at the Los Angeles Veterans Administration Hospital (where the experiment took place), took LSD and then attempted to describe her experience to the doctor.

Acid trip aside, there's something so beautiful and charming about the housewife's naivete and openness in the videos. Even her mannerisms are refined and lovely, and so different from the sloppy (and I'm talking about myself here) way that we carry ourselves today. Anyway, watching this made me imagine her life, what it must have been like before and how it surely must have changed after taking this massively mind-altering substance (remember, this was the ’50s, not the ’60s, people).

So give it a lookie-loo, and tell me what you think.

-- Holly

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