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My Married Life: How Did You Two Meet?

In movies or TV it’s called the “meet-cute.” It’s the moment in a romantic comedy when HE rounds a corner just as SHE comes barreling along in the opposite direction carrying a huge stack of papers. They collide. Her papers catch air. Together they crawl around on the ground collecting them. Their eyes meet. Cue opening credits.

Yeah, we all love a good “how we met” story. But did you ever think that your particular tale of meeting-cute could determine whether your relationship will go the distance? Enter Tara Parker-Pope, the author of “For Better: The Science of a Good Marriage,” who claims just that. According to Parker-Pope, studies have shown that the way a partner talks about those early romantic days is a great indicator of whether the relationship will last. So the issue isn’t really how you met, it’s more how you talk about how you met.

The couple that throws criticisms into the story (i.e., “As usual he was late and wearing something hideous...”) tend to crash and burn. I’m not going to divulge all the details of how Jack and I met because we are pretty private about it, but I will say that there was stalking involved (I’m only slightly exaggerating). Jack was super-focused on pursuing me and even now, just thinking about it, I’m smiling as I type. In short -- the fact that those early days hold such sweet memories for both of us bodes pretty well.

What about you guys? Tell us about your meet-cute.

-- Holly

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