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My Married Life: How Much Time Do You Really Spend Together?

With all this talk of celeb infidelity, I haven't been blogging much about myself and Jack or our day-to-day interactions. Well guess what? We aren't having many of those at the moment. Jack is working through the weekend -- yep, including Easter Sunday (thanks “glamorous” Hollywood career!) -- while I am just plain working late every night. So we have, at most, two hours of consciousness together each evening (I tend to leave before he even gets up most mornings).

The pitfalls are what you'd expect. Since marriage is often like running a small corporation, we frequently fall into the rut of only talking "business" in those hours before (or even in) bed. Who should take care of getting Internet installed in the apartment  (a huge PITA in NYC by the way); who should drop off the laundry on the way to work; who will pay the electric bill this month…okay, you get it. These are the riveting topics that fill our sexy-sexy nights.

So here's my cry for help. Readers: Break off a little knowledge for me, would ya? What do you guys do to feed the relationship when face time (and energy) are scarce?

I'm listening!

-- Holly

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