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My Married Life: A Guy's Take on Movie Night

So I recently saw the trailer for the upcoming film The Wolf Man and I immediately knew two things to be true. One, I would be lining up to see it as soon as possible, and two, that I would be doing so alone. It seems my wife and I have slightly different taste in films, and although there is a common ground that allows us to see some movies together, the movies I prefer tend to fall well outside the boundaries of what any reasonable person would call a "date movie."

Read More Honestly, to me, a date movie is anything that stimulates thoughtful conversation afterward. Usually performance-driven pieces like Doubt, which we recently Netflixed. Neither of us really enjoyed it, but the performances were outstanding, and we talked about it for a while afterward. Not your idea of a date movie? Let me put it this way: If Holly and I saw The Wolf Man together, there would be nothing to talk about afterward.

Me: "Hey, babe, did you see the way Benicio ripped off that guy's head?"
Holly: [Complete silence]

Bottom line: I've loved horror movies since I was a kid and don't want to hear any criticism. Just like Holly didn't want to hear about Sex and the City sucking. When that movie came out, she waited until I was away for the weekend and went to see it with a girlfriend. (Holly writes : "BTW, the SATC movie totally sucked.")

I think keeping our guilty pleasures separate is cool. No muss, no fuss. In the end, everyone's happy.

I'm curious to hear what you think. Does true love mean sitting through a Jennifer Aniston movie or five? Sound off below.

-- Jack

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