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My Married Life: How to Tell Him It's Time to Manscape

What your guy wants you to know about those subtle "hints."

Recently, I asked readers to leave comments about topics they'd like me to cover -- sort of an "Ask a Married Man" idea. One said she'd love to hear how a guy would like to be informed that he’s, um, way overdue for a manscaping sesh.

Well the fact is, most men (at least this one) don't spend a lot of time thinking about the way that they'd like to be informed of anything. But we do think about the times that it's been done badly. Bottom line? Embarrassment sucks, and avoiding it is a major man goal. It's hard to explain, but I guess my favorite way to be informed is one that leaves me thinking that I've come up with the idea myself. Some women are great at finding a way to put things in motion without hitting a guy over the head with it.

For example:
Woman: "You're so lucky you're a guy because you don't have to worry about trimming your nose hair and all that."
Man: (to self) Why would she call out the fact that I even have nose hair? (walks to mirror and begins flaring nostrils and scrutinizing)

My point? Most guys over the age of 25 will take the hint without even realizing it was a hint and start tightening up their game. Here's the deal: Men clean up their acts by being around women. Period. I mean, just this week at work, I was walking to lunch with a guy from my department and we ran into another guy from the camera department who said hello.

"Who was that?" asked my friend.
"I don't really know him," I said, "but I feel for him. He hasn't figured out that he needs to clean up the hair on the back of his neck yet. So, I guess he hasn't spent very much time..."
...And that's when my friend cut me off and finished my sentence: "With a lady," he said.

Got a better idea for hipping up a guy to his grooming needs? Any men care to chime in?

-- Jack

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