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Is Your Husband Giving You Baby Cravings?

Assuming your dude isn't afraid to hold a baby, does seeing your husband with a baby make you want one?

This post on boards about seeing a spouse with a baby for the first time cracked me up. Good to know that Jack isn't the only husband out there afraid to hold a baby, lest he break it. Nor is he the only one guilty of patting or petting babies’ heads as if they were puppies. (Confession: I've done that too!) I know that seeing your husband hold a baby can be an intense baby trigger for some women -- even women who previously never daydreamed about getting knocked up. I actually had the opposite response. I've always known that I wanted kids, and seeing Jack's hilarious interaction with a baby a few years back made me think, Ummm...maybe we should wait awhile. What about you guys?

-- Holly

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