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My Married Life: I Confess, I Heart Bethenny

As I've said before, any reality TV watching on my part has to be done on the sly lest my reality TV employed husband becomes deeply disappointed in my character. I've tried explaining to him that I can't watch the garbage-scripted TV that my girlfriends enjoy. Bad writing just tortures me and I can't see the forest for the trees. But man-oh-man do I love me some trashy reality.

Regardless, Jack just can't take it, so I sneak-watch on Hulu now and then when he's away. My fave? Bethenny Getting Married? I love her. She was always my favorite "housewife," even though she had no business being on that show. Her wisecracking, brash ways were so in line with the way that my BFFs and I behave together that I found her to be unusually palatable for a reality star. So of course I love seeing her find the perfect guy, get pregnant, score THE ideal white dress, etc. I can't even tell you how hard I cried during the episode where she tells the officiant that her family will not be attending the wedding (my relationship with my own mother helped me relate). Looks like a few members of community feel the same way, which makes me feel oddly vindicated.

What about you? Are there any reality stars you really relate to?

-- Holly

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