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My Married Life: I Do (Want To Gain Tons Of Weight)

As if you didn't already have enough to worry about, an article in Medical News Today what most of us have long suspected -- marriage may make you fat.

Fresh analysis of a 2007 obesity study found that married men and women are more than TWICE as likely to become obese as people in romantic relationships who are not living together. I'm not gonna lie, people. I have totally gained weight since I got married. Ugh! I really hate it when I turn out to be typical. Luckily I'm still a long way from obese (not that that makes me feel any foxier). If anything, this info just makes me want to drag my butt to the gym ASAP. But it also makes me wonder...why? Am I so lame that on some level I thought I could let myself go a bit now that I done trapped myself a man?


I don't think so. I think exposure to Jack's insane metabolism is the more likely culprit. The man eats like a mofo, and yet he's still got seriously dreamy abs. It's super-hard not to match him French fry for French fry, even though I know better. But reading about the study definitely strengthened my resolve. What about you? Has marriage wreaked havoc on your waistline? If not, what's your secret?

-- Holly

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