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My Married Life: I Kinda Think My Friend's Guy is Gay

Lemondrop has a great post up about what to do if a friend's guy sets off your gaydar. Though they recommend having a heart to heart with the friend in question and laying out your suspicions, I don't completely agree. The post focused mainly on dealing with men who'd been on the “down low” -- in other words, men having secret affairs with other men while married -- which (in my opinion) is a separate issue that has less to do with sexual preference and more to do with infidelity.

A good friend of mine recently married a man who both Jack and I have always suspected was gay. It's important to mention that Jack and I have many close gay friends, and while we don't understand why some people choose to hide their true sexual preferences, we definitely aren't into outing anyone. So we've never said much -- mostly because we've never had any reason to believe the guy was cheating on her. We just thought, “No way is this going to last ’cause that guy is definitely gay.”

Like I said, my friend and this guy recently tied the knot. So I guess either Jack and I were way off base...or who knows? I will say that I totally believe that he loves her. It's just that I also totally believe that he likes men.

I'm sure that you guys must have encountered this somewhere along the line. How did you handle it?

(Note: Please do your best to be respectful in your responses, okay? This is a funny, thought provoking topic, and I'm hoping we can chat about it without any nasty nonsense. Humor = good, hate = bad. Got it? Thanks!)

-- Holly

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