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My Married Life: I Look at Pictures of Other Guys' Butts Online

Last fall, I became obsessed with finding and buying vintage work boots. I bid on a couple of pairs on eBay and realized, after losing several heated bidding wars, that I must be on to something. I figured if so many bidders were battling over my clown-like size (13), then guys must be going absolutely nuts for the smaller sizes. Could it be that I was finally in tune with what was happening in fashion?

I realized I needed to do more research and immediately began Googling the brands and styles I was most fixated on. My searches kept turning up results for a site called, which turned out to be a forum for men. To discuss fashion.

I know.

But here's the thing: It was awesome.

First of all, it confirmed that lots of other guys were hunting for the same boots I was, which was affirming (I'm not completely out of touch!). Second, my love of cool boots was nothing compared to the all-out passion these guys had for fashion -- which was also oddly reassuring (I'm fine with being a little in touch). A thread called "What are you wearing today?" to which guys posted pictures of themselves and a list of clothing items, made it clear that I was a complete amateur. But I found great conversations about how certain jeans fit (yes, complete with butt pictures), and one post led me to this, a photo set of jean pockets with the brand identified. What? I'm the only guy who ever noticed another guy's cool jeans but was embarrassed to ask "so uh...what kind of jeans are those?"

The styleforum begs to differ.

So come on guys -- do any of you have any deep, dark style secrets (as in you actually care)?

-- Jack

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