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Stupid Idiot Tries to Sue Vegas Hooker That Shorted Him on Time

I can't make this stuff up, people!

If you are wondering why this story made the blog, my answer is simple: Sometimes, it's just fun to laugh at an idiot together. Am I wrong? Here's the deal: Hubert Blackman, a douchey New York college student, is suing the escort service that he hired while on vacay in Vegas.

Not sure what homeboy is studying, but it wouldn't hurt him to take a Law 101 class, because last time I checked, the entire episode makes him the criminal! Besides my irritation over the fact that Blackman hasn't been arrested yet (I hate how misogynistic prostitution laws are -- they never seem to come down on the “Johns”), I'm kind of dying over the way this snafu will stick with him for life. News flash dumb-dumb: Every girl you ever try to date (for like ever) will do an obligatory Bing search on your ass. How karmically delicious that this hooker fiasco is what they're likely to find. Have fun in permanent singledom dude! Thoughts/feelings? Am I being too mean here?

-- Holly

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