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My Married Life: If Having Kids Equals Misery, Does Not Having Them Equal Bliss?

Choire Sicha, the former Gawker Editor and current genius-overlord of has a hilarious response post to the New York magazine cover story about how children make you miserable. The title? "Childlessness is Awesome and I Love It." While I don't totally agree with Sicha, I am digging his message. How about making a point of enjoying the things I will likely miss the hell out of once Jack and I procreate? I’m into it.

What sort of things am I talking about? For starters: drinking a cup of coffee in its entirety from start to finish without interruption. Typing this blog entry. Going to the bathroom alone. Wow, the bliss list goes on and on.

I challenge my childless brethren to do the same and create a gratitude list of sorts for all the mundane tasks you are free to do at your own speed since you don't have any wee ones around.


-- Holly

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