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My Married Life: I'm Inspired by the Moneyless Man

Like a lot of other guys I've talked to, I sometimes feel...well, shackled by the life I've worked so hard to accumulate. My marriage, the weekend home Holly and I own together, the weekday apartment we rent together, the fat little dog we must walk and feed daily...yeah, I know, cry me a river, right?

But it's not just me. Guys talk, and one of the things we agree on is that while we usually appreciate the people and things in our lives, we sometimes long for simpler times, before we had 20+ bills to pay each month and had to "check in" with someone multiple times a day. Lucky for me, those moments don't last very long. Holly will come in and do something nice, and I'll remember that she makes my life both better and more complicated (not just the latter). Or the dog will come snuggle up next to me and I'll think, "How did I ever live without this little dude?"

My point? It's worth it -- which is not to say that I don't fantasize about spending a month living llike this guys, who calls himself The Moneyless Man. Mark Boyle, an economics grad, spent an entire year living money-free. He sold his house and set up a living situation where he could trade labor for accommodation -- then went about creating a solar shower, something called a rocket stove (for cooking), and an extensive vegetable garden. Boyle said that the liberation he experienced far outweighed the inconveniences of his lifestyle. Now, make no mistake: I'd never last anywhere near a year. I love my wife, my dog, and my ability to take a long hot shower whenever the hell I want to. But I do admire the guy, and I plan to read his book.

What do you guys think? Could you go even a day without spending a cent?

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