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My Married Life: Iman Shares Her Marriage Secrets

She cooks for Bowie every night and looks like...Iman.

Iman and Simon Doonan recently sat down for a lively little chat for Bazaar magazine. Doonan got a lot of good stuff out of Iman, including an admission of less-than-perfect model behavior in her past. But what I was most excited to read were the little tips and tidbits Iman revealed about her 18-year marriage to David Bowie. I love a good rock icon, and from what I can tell, being married to one isn’t that easy. Iman's strategy? Look phenomenal and cook dinner every. single. night. Gulp. Well ... that Bowie is one lucky bastard. But after reading that, I think I need to hear a few more (how shall I put this?) down-to-earth strategies for marital bliss. So please, do be a dear and share. I'm thinking something in the neighborhood of "I bathe sometimes and cook dinner twice a week or so."

-- Holly