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My Married Life: Is A Fart-Suppressing Blanket Your Idea of Marriage Happiness?

Dear diary. Gee, what am I grateful for today? Well diary, I’m grateful that I didn’t marry a guy who gives me dutch ovens frequently enough to warrant a specific fart-muffling blanket (available in white! or beige!). So yay, diary. Yay for me. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand scene.

Since many of you already know where I stand on marital gas, you won’t be surprised to hear that I threw up in my mouth a little the moment I read about the Better Marriage Blanket. Kidding! What I really thought was kudos to whatever marketing genius dreamed this up. It is destined to replace the talking carp as the go-to gag gift of 2010. But on another note -- is there something wrong with my husband that if he’s ever farted in bed, I’ve never noticed? I’ve gotta say, I’m feeling pretty lucky.

What do you think: Is letting go of a little gas in front of your spouse really that big of a deal?

-- Holly

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