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My Married Life: Is Your Birth Control Controlling More Than You Think?

A new study published by Trends in Ecology & Evolution says that birth control pills make women less attracted to masculine men and masculine men less attracted to them. The study blames ovulation-blocking hormones in The Pill for shifting women's tastes toward more delicate, "pretty" men. I'll tell you right now, I totally buy it.

Take, for instance, my friend (let's just call her D). She's been on The Pill since forever, and only seems to attract (or be attracted to) molesty (yep, it's officially a verb now), yoga-guru type guys with hairless bodies and complicated dietary restrictions. It always ends up that he turns out to have slept with everyone she ever (and never) met, and says that he finds "the traditional relationship structure" of two people to be tres passe. So I would die and go to heaven if she ever wound up dating an old-school macho guy (which I believe would make her truly happy). If you think I didn't call up D and demand that she drop her birth control, like yesterday, you're crazy.

How does this issue connect to marriage? Here's a common scenario. A woman on The Pill meets a guy she's attracted to and marries the sucker. A few years later, the couple decides to drop the birth control and roll the dice on bambinos. As the hormones wear off, our girl realizes she's not all that attracted to the man she married. Maybe she shrugs, chalks it up to the passing of time, and calls it inevitable -- or maybe her lack of interest destroys the marriage. Yikes!

Full disclosure? I think I loved Jack at first sniff. But it took a while to know if it went deeper than just scorching chemistry.

What do you think: Are we all just dogs at the park (nature), or have we evolved far beyond that (nurture)?

-- Holly

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