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Jack Asks: What Do You Want to Hear?

First, a (not-so-surprising) confession: I'm not the greatest at this whole blogging thing. Holly's the real writer, and I'm just...sort of along for the ride. So far, I have to say I'm really enjoying the back-and-forth. Some of the reactions we get are hilarious (and yeah, some are pretty insulting), but all in all, I love the feedback aspect. Read More

It's really interesting to see how up-in-arms people can get about subjects as innocuous as farting. What I don't love? Coming up with fresh topics each week. So I'd love to know: Are there any topics that you'd like to hear a husband's perspective on? Are there any random questions you wish you could ask a guy in my position?

Well -- happy birthday, world -- because here's your chance to shape my future blog entries.

Go for it: I promise to do my best to take all reasonable suggestions.

-- Jack

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