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Jilted Bride Sues Groom for Wedding Costs and Heartache

She's also asking the judge to declare him guilty of douche-baggery in a court of law. (Joking!)

According to ABC News, a jilted bride from Chicago is suing her ex-fiance, who dumped her just days before their wedding. But what has most people's jaws dropping is the wedding cost that the bride-to-be incurred -- nearly $100,000 total! And not surprisingly, girlfriend wants it back.

Because the pair lives in Illinois, which has a "breach of promise" law, she actually has a good chance of winning her lawsuit. An attorney familiar with the case says that she may very well recoup her actual damages (translation: the dough she'd laid out for the wedding), but she probably won’t be awarded the additional cash she wants for the "pain and suffering” inflicted by her ex’s last-minute decision.

Oh, and the lawsuit mentions that in addition to, um, canceling the wedding at the last minute(!), the groom-to-be received lap dances at his bachelor party. Now, I'm sure the girl is devastated and angry, but mentioning the small sin of getting a lap dance seems a bit ridic in light of the circumstances. Am I alone in thinking that?

Anyway, from what I saw, commentors were really up in arms over the sticker price of her wedding (much more so than the lap dances or lawsuit). Me? Not so much. Jack and I had a total DIY wedding, which cost less than some of my friends’ bridal gowns. But do I think it's horrible for someone to spend a hundred large on a wedding? No! I've been to several weddings that cost that much or (likely) more, and IMO, it's really none of my business how people spend their own, hard-earned cash (or their family’s dough).

If there is one detail I will put on my judgey pants about, it's the fact that the couple only dated for nine months before getting engaged. I'm not saying that it never works when people move that quickly. I'm just saying, slow the hell down, y'all! What's the rush (especially if there’s $100,000 at stake)?

Do you guys agree? And do you think the ex-groom should have to fork over the cash?

-- Holly

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