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Jon Gosselin Refuses to Drop Dead Despite Numerous Pleas from Women Everywhere

Jon, Jon, Jon...if you aren't lifting up your Ed Hardy tee to show off your blossoming, pasty beer-gut, you're giving another interview that makes you sound more douchey than ever before.

Listen, I'll admit, when Jon and Kate were together, it was John who had my sympathy. In fact, I completely agree with his assessment that he was verbally abused and beaten down by Kate. But seeing his behavior since the split has given me time to reassess. I'm no longer sure which came first: Jon's pitiful-pouty-teen behavior or Kate's drill sergeant routine. In short, Kate might have been doing the best she could with what she had (i.e. Jon). In other words, and, yes, I know how horrible this sounds, maybe...just maybe...he deserved it (let the avalanche of angry comments begin).

But I digress.

My point? Even if you were the stoic one who kept calm and carried on during the relationship, if you start trash-talking your ex after it ends, that's all anyone will remember. You'll be the one who took the low road, who played dirty, who took the gloves off.

I say, when it's over, it's over. Hold your head up, tighten your diaper, and stay out of the mud for the sake of the family.

What do you say?

-- Holly

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