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My Married Life: Keeping Up with The Jersey Housewives

I almost spit my coffee out reading this New York Post article about how one of Bravo’s real housewives, Teresa Giudice, and her husband are something along the lines of $11 million in debt. No, that’s not a typo. Eleven. Million. Now, let’s be real -- something’s a little shady here. The Giudices allegedly make $79,000 a year, and yet they own three homes, including a classy palace (and by classy, I mean obnoxious. Seriously, it looks like it belongs in a Disney theme park).

The bigger question here -- other than the glaring Sopranos comparison (you know what I’m saying) -- is why a couple who clearly saw themselves spiraling into financial doom would continue to spend. The flashy house. The fancy car. The new boobs (or, as they call ’em on the show, “bubbies”). Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely found myself at a friend’s place before noticing all the fancy swag (big-screen TV, imported rugs, weird ceramic thingies that look like they belong in a museum) that Jack and I...well...don’t have. But never in a million years would I give up our financial security just to play a game of “let’s compare our crap.”

So be honest -- do you compare your house, car, whatever with what your friends have?

-- Holly

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