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How My Nieces and Nephews Will React to their Christmas Gifts

Also, ask me if I care.

This kid video (thank you, Gawker) shows a three-year-old's less-than-thrilled reaction to the book he received for Christmas. Now, I have witnessed this reaction up close, and I totally get it. I mean, how can a book compete with all of the electronics and flashing, noisemaking toys that most kids play with these days? But does knowing this stop me from giving my little nieces and nephews books for Christmas? Not a chance!

When it comes to kids, I'm of the anti–video game, anti-TV school of thought anyway. Yep, go ahead and call me Mrs. Scrooge, I could give a toss. I'm super pro-books and doubt I'll stop giving them as children’s gifts anytime soon -- regardless of the reaction I get.

So come on. Let me have it. Tell me that I don't understand the true meaning of Christmas (not the baby Jesus one, the other one about consumerism and selfless giving). And chime in to answer this: Do you guys always give gifts that you know the recipient will love? Or sometimes do you give gifts that you just want the recipient to have?

-- Holly

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