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My Married Life: Kissing Cousins?

As I read the recent Times article about first-cousin marriages in the US,  I tried to decide how it made me feel. I searched all the corners of my identity for a strong opinion. As a married guy, an American, a taxpayer, and an all-around scandal-free dude, I just couldn't conjure up much. How could this be possible, you ask? How could I not care deeply about how two consenting adults choose to conduct themselves in matters of love and matrimony?

Here's the deal: I don't believe in telling people that they can't, or even shouldn't, do something just because it creeps me out (which, by the way, it does a little bit). I see the whole slippery-slope argument as being completely ludicrous. As long as the law says you have to be a Homo sapiens over the age of 18, I think we're cool.

And since I also disagree with those who say marriage is all about procreation. I'm not overly concerned with the birth defect aspect -- though the article stated that risks are not as high as previously thought. Sure, I reserve the right to chuckle a little bit about it. Like I said, I find it mildly creepy, and for me creepy usually equals funny. But horrible? Or an outrage? No. Sorry. Life's just too short and it's hard enough to find someone to love.

What's your take?

-- Jack

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