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My Married Life: Lame Marriage Cliches That I Secretly Love

Like many of you, I often look to the wisdom of Megan Fox when it comes to unning my daily life. Next to Oprah, Fox's quotes eat up most of the real estate on my inspiration board. Just kidding. We all know homegirl rarely opens her mouth without promptly inserting her foot.

But this week's Fox quote, that her marriage to Brian Austin Green makes her feel "safe," was almost completely inoffensive. In fact, as soon as I got finished rolling my eyes (because I am way too cool to have ever come out and said such a thing myself), I realized that I (cough) totally agreed with her. In fact, some of the lamest, most boring, mothball-y details about married life are actually my favorites. Truth is, some of the most mundane things are also the best. Yes, being with Jack makes me feel safer. Yes, I love waking up next to him every morning (even though he's a fright pre-coffee). Yes, I love not having to be "out there" any more.

So come on, what super-mundane thing about marriage do you secretly love?

-- Holly

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