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Let's Laugh at Dumb Things Together, Shall We?

Because we all know you aren't really working.

Oh, man. I’ve been laughing so hard at this morning. And yes, I know it's really dumb. For some reason, the entries with married couples crack me up the most. Why? Because married couples tend to get into really dumb fights, really damn fast. Been there! Can I get an amen?

Have you ever gotten into a text fight with your spouse? Jack and I have definitely gotten into arguments about texting (he gets mad when I do it while I'm with him), but we've never actually had a texting argument. I'm guessing that's because we’re over eleventeen.

But if you and your spouse have had an only-appropriate-for-teenagers fight that was conducted over text, please, please tell on yourself so that others may laugh. Also, was autocorrect to blame?

-- Holly

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