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My Married Life: Leftovers -- No Longer a Dirty Word?

You already know how much I love lifehacker, even if many of their tips are wasted on me (i.e., how to make an emergency stove out of a tin can). So when they start to speak my language (awesome domestic tips versus wilderness survival) I get really, really happy. I'm definitely going to try this Crock-Pot recipe, as I am getting more and more into the idea of cooking meals that create yummy leftovers.

Lately, I've been making 25 percent more than we can eat for dinner so that Jack can have the leftovers the next day for lunch. Am I just getting older, or have leftovers lost their icky-casserole-y stigma? I have a few friends who do one big cook a week (i.e., lasagna) and then take it to work for lunch all week long. So efficient!

Do you have a favorite recipe that makes at least one day's worth of delicious leftovers? Please share -- I promise to let you know if I try it.

-- Holly

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