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My Married Life: What Dumb Love Ideas Have You Gotten From Movies?

Did you dream your true love would hold a boom box under your window?

Confession: I am straight up lifting this hilarious idea from the Nest Boards. But I'm not interested in how horror films have affected you. What I want to hear about is how romantic movies -- and their cute stepsister, the popular rom-com -- might have shaped your hopes and dreams about true love.

I'll start. Teen movies are definitely to blame for a ton of my early and misguided romantic fantasies. Most of my daydreams involved dramatic rescue scenes, wherein my secret-crush-of-the-day would suddenly leap up from wherever the heck he was, realize that he couldn't spend another second without me and come hunt me down. He would then either surprise me at home alone a la Sixteen Candles or carry me out of my workplace in an over-the-top, romantic savior kind of way a la An Office and a Gentleman. Not surprisingly, the second fantasy seemed to crop up more frequently when I was working at particularly crappy jobs.

Okay, your turn! I can't wait to laugh at what you guys come up with.

-- Holly

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