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My Married Life: Love to Hate The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Out of the entire Real Housewives franchise, none can touch the delicious trashiness that is the Atlanta crew. I say, once you've had an episode where one "housewife" tries to yank the wig off another "housewife," somebody should get a trophy. (Note: I use quotation marks, as neither of the women involved in the classy wig tussle are even married.)

Regardless of trash level (or to be more honest because of it) I absolutely cannot stop watching. Since the episodes are in constant rerun they're easy to catch while Jack's not around (if he saw me, he'd be completely disgusted). So even though I know he knows, I totally sneak-watch.

So far, it seems like new castmate Kandi is a total sweetheart whose weak spot is an inability to handle conflict. Her mama is totally against her going forward with her marriage to AJ, and for good reason. He's got tons of kids (some of whom Kandi didn't know about at first) by tons of different women, and a sketchy employment history, i.e. working for a collection agency (*cough* repo-man), and now, partner in a strip club. But despite all this, Kandi continues to stick up for him on the show, and maintain that her mother is just being overprotective.

So imagine my surprise when I read (SPOILER ALERT!) this Essence article in which Kandi revealed that the couple were "on hiatus," and that she's now legal guardian of two of his children!

Talk about happily ever after. My thought -- do relationships that start like this EVER end well?
Have any of you ever entered into a marriage that people close to you were completely against? How did it turn out?

-- Holly

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