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My Married Life: Mad Men and Marriage

Let's get one thing out of the way right now: Jack and I are total Mad Men freaks. I'll admit, the show was a bit of a slow burn at first (we watched the first three seasons on Netflix as we ditched TV a while back) but we are now officially hooked. Enough that we couldn't wait a year for season four to come out on Netflix. Enough that we arranged (cough, invited ourselves to, cough) a TV party at a friend's house Sunday night so we could watch the season premier. Enough that I’m writing a blog post about it.

Aside from the premier itself being disappointing, can I just say that Mad Men makes marriage look like a total bummer? It's so clear that all of the main characters are complete children -- and should definitely not have gotten married yet (or maybe ever). But it's particularly interesting to see Betty and new husband Henry Francis interact. His intense physical attraction to her blinds him to her flaws (like the fact that she's a rotten, rotten mother).

It’s clear he only married her so he could get in her pants (sorry to those of you who believe in saving it for marriage, but I for one feel lucky to have never considered marrying someone for sex). Poor Mr. Francis, I can only imagine that a few months of shagging would have saved him from the mess that is marriage to Betty/Bets/Birdy.

What did you guys think of the premier? How do the MM marriages compare to your own?

PS: Now that Don is free from his marriage, how weird is it that he's dipping his toe into S&M?

-- Holly

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