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My Married Life: Making New-Year Resolutions as a Couple

This year, along with our own separate goal lists, Holly and I decided to make a few New-Year resolutions as a couple. After all, you can only ride a unicycle so far before the novelty wears off and you realize you could go farther and faster on a bike. Am I right? Okay, so that analogy sucked. Let's pretend I said motorcycle. Anyway, since Holly and I are still shin-deep in renovations, many of our goals are house-centric, and I won't bore you with them (read: buy drum sander, zzzzz). But our second-biggest common goal was to continue to take steps to improve our health, so Holly and I focused on that for our co-resolutions. Now, I know that doesn't sound very sexy, but trust me, we made sexy resolutions too. But we’re keeping those to ourselves ;).


1. To continue to improve the way we eat. In the past year alone, we've gone from eating dinner out or grabbing take-out at least six nights a week to eating home-cooked meals every single night. Most of the change was geographic -- we used to be in NYC all the time (with exactly 6.5 square inches of counter space) and now we’re upstate most of the time with easy access to great grocery stores. This year, it's all about improving upon the foods we cook. I'm interested in incorporating more Mediterranean food, so I promised to buy a cookbook and learn to make a few recipes. This is big because Holly complains that I've only cooked two meals the entire time we've been together. For once, she's not exaggerating.

2. To start going to the gym together each morning. The gym up here is really affordable and easy to get to. With freelance schedules, we think that starting our day with a workout will really help us to structure our time more efficiently.

Stay tuned to hear how sticking to them goes.

Did any of you make resolutions or create a 2010 goal list as a couple? What made the list?

-- Jack

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