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Is Marriage Good Enough for an F-Yeah Tumblr?

Guess not. Marriage didn't make the cut.

First, let me just get the whole not-suitable-for-work thing out of the way. WARNING: You probably aren't going to want to click on a single link in this post unless you work somewhere where it's cool to have the F-word spelled out in huge letters across your computer monitor. Got it? Good.

If you're not a big Tumblr user, you might not be familiar with the “F-Yeah” phenomenon, so here's some Cliffs Notes: “F-Yeah” has become a hugely popular prefix for any number of Tumblr pages that users have created, usually to celebrate something awesome. In other words, something they would say "F-Yeah" about. It's become such a big Internet trend that there's now a great “F-Yeah” search that lets you know if, indeed, there is an “F-Yeah” for that.

Shockingly, there was no “F-Yeah Marriage,” “F-Yeah Married,” “F-Yeah Wife” or “F-Yeah Husband.” There was, however, an “F-Yeah I Do,” which is, I guess...something (public enthusiasm seems to fade postwedding, haven't you noticed?).

Here are a few others that I happily killed my morning on: guitars, Keith Richards, the ‘60s and (your laughter doesn’t bother me in the slightest) pugs. Guess I'll sign off by saying, “F-Yeah Married Life!”
Now your turn -- what's your favorite “F Yeah”?

-- Jack

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