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My Married Life: Does Marriage Tame Men?

No way. Vacuuming the floor was my idea -- completely my idea.

According to an article in the Toronto Sun, The Canadian Institute of Marriage and Family just released a study stating that marriage helps men become healthier, more nurturing and better workers. Fine. Stuff I already know. And I don't have to think hard to figure out why these things are true. Marriage helps nurture my nurturing side? Yes, I would say that the hundreds of hours Holly and I have logged talking about our feelings has done that. Makes me a better worker? Definitely. Holly has always pushed me to take on bigger and better things when it comes to my career. (Plus that nurturing thing comes in handy when I'm annoyed with my coworkers or boss.) Marriage has improved my health? Again, yes. I was never really a french fry guy, but without Holly, I'd probably never see a doctor. Ever. Still, I have to say, I hate the title of the article: "Marriage Tames Men Think-Tank Says." It makes it sound like we are all total Neanderthals in need of (more) good mothering. I don't know. Maybe some guys will disagree and admit that in some ways they were actually tamed by marriage. So what do you guys say?

-- Jack